Party Pieces


Established in 2001 Party Pieces is Irelands largest supplier of Sempertex balloons.  Sempertex offers a complete range of latex balloons specially designed to fulfil and satisfy all needs of balloon artists.  We are now an official distributor for Northstar balloons.  Northstar offers a full range of foil balloons for all occasions.  Together we can offer our customers a full range of latex and foil balloons. 


Sempertex have been manufacturing high quality balloons since 1938, in Barranquilla, a seaport on the Caribbean coast in Colombia.  Originally established by Emil Loewy, who was born in Austria. The company has grown to become Sempertex S.A., a global leading manufacturer of latex balloons for decoration and entertainment.  The privileged geographic position allows Sempertex access to the best raw materials available in the world, adding value and delivering the best latex balloons with a unique promise: Excellent Quality, Competitive Price & First Class Service.  Party Pieces are proud to be the exclusive Irish Distributor of the Sempertex and Link-O-Loon brands.

Sempertex have been producing the original linking balloon for over 15 years - Link-O-Loon.   

Sempertex offers a complete range of latex balloons specially designed to fulfil and satisfy all the needs of balloon artists.

Developed in conjunction with leading specialists in the decoration field, Sempertex offers consistency of shape and size to create a professional finished product. 

With a palette of over 80 colours to choose from, Sempertex balloons will work with any colour scheme. New colours are added every year as a result of our interaction with the market.

Superb Quality.  Made of 100% pure natural biodegradable latex, free of fillers or any cost reducing agents, and manufactured to our own design specifications. Sempertex assures the delivery of top quality products. Our quality commitment is to deliver a 98% perfect products, although most is close to 100%.  2% is reserved by the factory as a safety margin as per industry norms.

Easy & Soft Tie.  Fingers count too. Generous long and soft necks allow you to enjoy watching the final result with a pleasant feeling in the hands and ready for the next job.

Longer Floating Time. Superior helium retention ensures the longest floating time possible, adding durability to your balloon decorations. A good barrier obtained through a well formulated film increases the helium retention. Very low levels of silicone are used on our balloons, therefore they are friendly to floating additives reaching optimum flying time.

Northstar Balloons

Northstar Balloons was founded in 2007 by Garry Kieves and his twin daughters, Nico and Nina. Prior to that, Garry and his family founded Anagram International more than 35 years ago. Garry guided Anagram as CEO until 2003, before leaving the balloon industry following the sale of Anagram. Over the course of the Kieves family’s ownership of Anagram, Nico and Nina literally grew up in the balloon industry. It is therefore no surprise that the family ultimately decided that they loved being involved in the business of “selling happiness”—Northstar is the labour of that love. Today, Nico leads Northstar as its owner and CEO, and Garry is the Chairman of the Board. 

Located in Plymouth, Minnesota, Northstar was established to be the world’s leader in balloon technology and product development. It is our goal—through investment in automation—to be the lowest-cost producer in the world. To achieve that goal we have constructed the industry’s most automated and efficient balloon manufacturing and packaging machines. We design and manufacture our production equipment internally, along with all ancillary equipment needed to produce balloons including dies and packaging machines. Northstar is the only balloon manufacturing company in the world with fully automated packaging machines—where other manufacturers cut costs by using unreliable labour bases, we automate everything that we do. Our machinery, together with our MicroSeal technology gives us the ability to make extremely complex shapes that no one else in the foil balloon industry can fabricate. MicroSeal looks better, is stronger and more dependable, and floats longer than conventional flat seals.

Beyond our self-designed machinery, our state-of-the-art Flexograhic printing presses are the newest, most high-tech presses in the balloon industry. Our facility houses the only ten-colour printing press in the balloon industry ensuring that Northstar’s print quality is unsurpassed. In addition to state-of-the-art printing presses, Northstar owns and operates adhesive lamination equipment, which permits us to produce our balloon film to our exact specifications in-house. Our entire manufacturing facility is AIB certified.

All of this machinery would be wasted without an investment in a world-class studio that designs and develops our new balloon products. Our design studio houses a creative team that produces new balloon designs, engineers intricate shapes, publishes catalogues and marketing materials, and administers our online presence.

We at Party Pieces are delighted to be working alongside 2 of the World leaders in balloon manufacture and innovation. 

If you would like to chat with us about the Sempertex or Northstar ranges please call us on 089 4208373 or pop us an email to and we will be happy to deal with you.